The bold displayed text uses the <strong> tag

Minions ipsum bananaaaa ti aamoo! Daa bappleees. Para tu la bodaaa butt poopayee.
Jiji chasy uuuhhh poopayee wiiiii po kass bappleees. Tatata bala tu chasy jiji wiiiii
poulet tikka masala para tu chasy ti aamoo! Wiiiii ti aamoo! Daa uuuhhh underweaaar hahaha
hahaha belloo! Ti aamoo! Baboiii. Bananaaaa bananaaaa butt chasy. Chasy jeje tatata bala tu
bappleees uuuhhh. Jeje daa poopayee daa. Hana dul sae ti aamoo! Belloo! Chasy butt.

Po kass chasy bappleees butt jiji para tu jiji underweaaar tulaliloo pepete. Pepete para tu
underweaaar baboiii bananaaaa potatoooo hahaha gelatooo aaaaaah. Po kass butt belloo! Po kass baboiii.
Wiiiii daa poulet tikka masala tulaliloo bappleees po kass pepete jeje. Aaaaaah aaaaaah chasy tank yuuu!
Hana dul sae tulaliloo bee do bee do bee do chasy bappleees gelatooo poulet tikka masala.

Bee do bee do bee do poulet tikka masala uuuhhh potatoooo baboiii. Tank yuuu! jeje baboiii hana dul sae.
Para tu poulet tikka masala wiiiii hahaha aaaaaah jeje potatoooo tulaliloo pepete. Wiiiii ti aamoo!
Tank yuuu! Tank yuuu! La bodaaa tulaliloo hana dul sae daa hahaha bananaaaa. Bananaaaa hana dul sae
hana dul sae chasy para tu para tu aaaaaah underweaaar. Tatata bala tu bappleees poopayee jiji gelatooo
daa bananaaaa hana dul sae jeje. Chasy bee do bee do bee do chasy tank yuuu! Po kass. Hahaha gelatooo
poopayee bananaaaa poopayee wiiiii gelatooo para tu bananaaaa baboiii aaaaaah.

Font Name Sample
Coporate S Regular (Default) Minions ipsum bananaaaa ti aamoo!
Corporate A Condensed Minions ipsum bananaaaa ti aamoo!
Corporate S Bold Minions ipsum bananaaaa ti aamoo!
Color Name (Variable Name) Sample Color Name (Variable Name) Sample Color Name (Variable Name) Sample
aqua #00ADEF aqua-active #0088C6 aqua-disabled #4DC6F4
basalt #3C3C3C basalt-active #2A2A2A basalt-disabled #636363
basalt-grey-disabled #8F8F8F black #000000 charlotte-disabled #B8E8FB
coral #ECECEC coral-active #D9D9D9 coral-disabled #F4F4F4
coral-grey-disabled #A8A8A8 emb-blue #00B0F3 errorred #9f0002
grey #999999 altogrey #D1D1D1 codgrey #111111
lightgrey #FEFEFE mediumgrey #cccccc gunmetal #666666
gunmetal-active #424242 gunmetal-disabled #949494 gunmetal-grey-disabled #BFBFBF
mineshaft #262626 obsidian #333333 obsidian-active #242424
obsidian-disabled #5C5C5C obsidian-grey-disabled #8D8D8D slate #1F1F1F
slate2 #141414 slate-active #161616 slate-disabled #4C4C4C
slate-grey-disabled #828282 tundora #494949 white #FFFFFF
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(1)</sup>" data-nc-layer-type="intern" data-layertitle="Fournisseur & Politique de confidentialité" data-nc-layer-url="/content/france/retail-m-r/mercedes-benz-paris-vi/fr/content-pool/legal-links/data-protection1.content.html?wcmmode=disabled" data-nc-layer-id="contentfranceretail-m-rmercedes-benz-paris-vifrcontent-poollegal-linksdata-protection1" data-is-publish-mode data-page-type="legallinks" class="nc-show-layer"> Politique de confidentialité pour les clients LOISIRS et UTILITAIRES(1)
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